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Gravity Perks

Multi-page Navigation

$49.00 $8.99

Gravity Perks Multi-page Navigation plugin allows you to create navigational Gravity Forms which users can navigate by clicking on the links. It also has support for “Save and continue”, which allows users to save the data before proceeding to the next page. You need to install Gravity Perks plugin in order to use this plugin.

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$40.00 $6.99

Integrates the popular forums plugin bbPress with Ultimate Member. You need to have Ultimate Member plugin in order to use this extension.

78 %

WordPress Plugins

Admin Menu Editor Pro

$59.00 $12.99

Admin Menu Editor Pro allows you to hide menus from roles or users, organise the menu with drag and drop, change the icons from over 600 menu icons, create new menu items, change menu colors, make menus open in new tab or iframe, edit the admin bar, apply your branding and much more.

95 %

Easy Digital Downloads

User History EDD

$129.00 $6.99

If you want to know how your customers are browsing your website, then User History addon for EDD is the perfect choice for you. You can know how customer landed in your website, what he browsed to purchase any product, what he is searching in your store, etc. The functionality of the plugin is simple yet effective and can be used by store admins in various ways to increase their sales.

65 %
$20.00 $6.99

Buy WooCommerce Single Product Page Builder 4.1.2 for 6.99 or download for FREE by subscribing to our Yearly Membership Plan. Join the club of more than 5500 happy members.

14 %
$6.99 $5.99

Sales Page This is the EXACT same plugin as distributed by the developer on Gravity Forms. The developers’ links are provided above.

88 %

Thrive Themes (Themes)

Thrive Storied Theme

$67.00 $7.99

Storied is a WordPress theme specialized for blogging. You have a story to tell and through beautifully formatted multi-media posts (video, audio, image and other media posts are supported), you connect with your readers and build your audience. The perfect blog is one that creates a strong backbone for your business and that’s exactly what Storied can do for you. If your business revolves around blogging and story-telling, this is the theme you’ve been waiting for.

82 %
$65.00 $11.99

Customize the default Woocommerce email templates which are sent as welcome emails after the registration and confirmation email after a purchase. You can add your store logo, set different colors and can even change typography of the email templates. You can customize the emails as per your website theme to make it more professional.

93 %

Ninja Forms

Multi-Part Forms

$99.00 $6.99

Sometimes your forms may become very long due to the nature of the requirement. At that special point, you need Multi-Part Forms add-on for Ninja Forms so that the form can be broken into various sections which can be navigated via drop down option or breadcrumbs. It also has a progress bar which tells your position in the form submission process. This plugin makes long boring forms quite interesting and more effective.

84 %

YITH Plugins

YITH Brands Add-on

$75.00 $11.99

Brands add-ons is a perfect plugin if you have plenty of Brands in your store. It manages the Brands pretty effectively and shows them on various pages as needed with the help of shortcodes and widgets. These Brands can also be searched via YITH’s Ajax Search plugin which makes it very user-friendly.

84 %

WordPress Plugins


$49.95 $7.99

Perfmatters is a very light-weight WordPress performance plugin, which can increase the speed of your WordPress websites to a great extent. It has plenty of exclusive features like preconnect, CDN rewrite, Multisite support, etc. It also has support for WooCommerce.

84 %

YITH Plugins

YITH Waiting List

$75.00 $11.99

A great way to know the demand of the public even when your products are out of stock. The waiting list plugin provides an option to the users to add out of stock products to their waitlist so that when the product will be available, they will get notified. This marketing technique can improve the sales up to 20%. This method also attracts the customers back to your store.

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