Pushover Notifications for Easy Digital Downloads 1.3.1

Pushover Notifications EDD | The Cyan Design

Get push notifications of your sales and daily earings on your mobile phone (iOS or Android device). You need to have an account on Pushover and should have the application installed (paid). It is a third party service which integrates on your Easy Digital Downloads stores to send push notifications on your phone. A great service to stay up to date with your store sales figure and daily earnings.

EDD Authorize.net Payment Gateway 1.1.3

Authorize.net EDD | The Cyan Design

Now you can accept payments via credit cards on your website through your Authorize.net account. This add-on adds Authorize.net payment gateway to your Wordpress website with Easy Digital Downloads. Your customers do not have to leave your website and they can make payment with their credit card. This results in better user experience and faster checkout process.

Easy Digital Downloads Zapier 1.3.7

Zapier EDD | The Cyan Design

Connect your Easy Digital Downloads store with Zapier. Zapier has support for over 300 web applications, which makes the usability of this addon almost unlimited. It integrated 400+ third party web services, including Highrise, Twilio, Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, Xero, Zendesk, Dropbox, Google Docs, etc.

Easy Digital Downloads Wysija / Mailpoet 1.4.1

Wysija Mailpoet EDD | The Cyan Design

Wysija addon for Easy Digital Downloads integrates MailPoet service with your store. It automatically subscribes the users and visitors to a specific mailing list based on the purchases made by them. They also get an option to opt out form the mailing list during checkout. The configuration of the plugin is very easy and comes with only limited and useful functionality.

Easy Digital Downloads Xero 1.2.12

EDD Xero | The Cyan Design

Combine the power of Xero and Easy Digital Downloads plugin with the Xero add-on for EDD. It automatically creates an invoice whenever a purchase is made in your store. It also syncs your EDD customer details with your Xero account whenever a payment is marked as complete. It beautifully integrates Xero in your EDD based site.

EDD Cross-sell and Upsell 1.1.7

EDD Cross-sell and Upsell | The Cyan Design

Cross-sell and up-sell are the most important techniques which can be used to increase your sales in any store. EDD has no such option by default, unlike WooCommerce, therefore you can use this add-on to add this functionality to your Digital store. It has plenty of options that can be used to improve user experience as well as the sales.

EDD Message 1.2

EDD Message | The Cyan Design

Bring the power of messaging to your Easy Digital Downloads stores with EDD Message Add-on. Now you can directly communicate with your customers by messaging them anytime from your dashboard. It even allows vendors to send messages to their customers. It also creates logs for old messages. You can also send attachments via this add-on.

EDD Conditional Emails Add-on 1.1.0

Conditional Emails EDD | The Cyan Design

Conditional Emails Add-on automatically send emails when a certain event has occurred or any certain condition is met. The complete process becomes automatic once you add the criteria for sending out the emails. The emails can be customized according to your needs. It is a much-needed add-on for Easy Digital Downloads plugin.

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