Give Stripe Gateway 2.1.2

Give Stripe Gateway | The Cyan Design

Now you can collect donations on your Give based store via Stripe payment gateway. This addon easily integrates your Stripe account in your website and accepts payments via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club cards directly on your website. Please note that Stripe charges small fees on all the transactions without any monthly charge. You need to check the availability of Stripe in your country before integrating it your website.

Give Tributes 1.5.0

Give Tributes | The Cyan Design

Allow donors to give to your cause via customizable tributes like “In honor of,” “In memory of,” or any dedication you prefer. Also, you are able to send eCards and produce customizable mailable cards that your donors and their honorees will love. The plugin has very customizable features that can be changed according to your needs.

Give Zapier 1.2.1

Give Zapier | The Cyan Design

Now integrate Give with Zapier without any coding or technical knowledge. Zapier is a powerful tool that can provide access to 400+ third party web services like Google Docs, Twilio, Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, Xero, Zendesk, Dropbox, etc. The usage of Give along with Zapier can create unlimited possibilities.

Give Per Form Gateways 1.0.1

Give Per Form Gateways | The Cyan Design

If you ever wanted to have different payment gateways for different donation forms, then Give’s Per Form Gateways add-on is the solution. It allows you to set different payment gateways on per form basis. It works with all the payment gateways without any limitations.

Give Razorpay Gateway 1.2.0

Give Razorpay Gateway | The Cyan Design

Razorpay is another popular payment gateway in India which can accept payments via Credit Card, Debit Card, Net banking and Wallets from your donors. The payment is completed without leaving the website via a beautiful popup window. It also requires SSL certificate installed in your store. You can customize logo and color on the checkout page.

Give Recurring Donations 1.8.2

Give Recurring Donations | The Cyan Design

Many organizations accept donations on a regular periodic basis, in that cases, Recurring Donations plugin is needed to manage the recurring payments. This plugin comes with inbuilt subscription feature along with Advanced Reporting Features. It has multi-gateway support and has an option to customize the subscription emails.

Give Email Reports 1.1.2

Give Email Reports | The Cyan Design

Get informative reports of your donation stats in your inbox via email with Give Email Reports addon. It removes the process of manual analyzing your website activities and serves you with the summary in a very valuable approach. You can configure the email delivery time and can customize the reports according to your need. Therefore you will get what you need directly in your inbox.

Give Fee Recovery 1.7.2

Give Fee Recovery | The Cyan Design

Now you can ask your donor for the online payment charges which are charged by the credit or debit card gateways. This allows you to collect more fair payment for the cause. This add-on provides complete control over your fee collection method. You can even customize the fee collection ask message for the donor.

Give Constant Contact 1.2.2

Give Constant Contact | The Cyan Design

Constant Contact is a great service for email marketing. Integrating the Constant Contact to your website creates a powerful combo which allows you to set global and per-form settings for various subscription options. You can add donors to any specific mailing list to can set a global list. This plugin provides hastle free integration with Constant Contact services.

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