Ninja Forms Zapier 3.0.8

Ninja Forms Zapier | The Cyan Design

Zapier is known as the most powerful tool for any web developer as it comes with over 300 web apps which can simplify your work. This extension integrates your Zapier account with Ninja Forms and can do a variety of works like create leads in Salesforce, create tasks in Asana, Freshbooks invoices, text message using Twilio, and much more. It is an all-in-one plugin for Ninja Forms.

Ninja Forms Zoho Creator 1.1

Ninja Forms Zoho Creator | The Cyan Design

The Zoho Creator extension enables you to send your form data directly into your Creator application database. Turn your website front end into a user-friendly interface with forms that automatically collect your field data and insert them into the tables you designed in your Creator app. Please note that this Add-on is not yet compatible with version 3.0 or higher of Ninja Forms.

Ninja Forms Zoho CRM 3.2.1

Ninja Forms Zoho CRM | The Cyan Design

Ninja Forms Zoho CRM add-on can automatically create a new lead from your contact form, tracks which web page or marketing campaign generated the lead and can even record their interests and inquiries so you sell directly to them. It is a very useful add-on for store owners that are using Ninja Forms.

Ninja Forms Vimeo Uploader 3.0.0

Vimeo Uploader | The Cyan Design

With this add-on, you’ll be able to use your own site to upload user-submitted videos directly to your Vimeo account without having to visit Vimeo. You can also define the minimum WordPress role that is required to use this tool so that other WordPress users on your site can upload to your single Vimeo account without ever knowing your Vimeo password.

Ninja Forms Webhooks 3.0.4

Webhooks | The Cyan Design

The Webhooks extension allows you to send form data to a remote URL using either a GET or POST request. This makes it easy to use your form data to interact with third-party web services. These requests are sent asynchronously, so they don’t affect redirects or success messages.

Ninja Forms WebMerge 3.0.3

Ninja Forms WebMerge | The Cyan Design

With the WebMerge extension for Ninja Forms, you can send form data directly to the awesome service. This lets you easily populate PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, Word docs, or PowerPoint shows. WebMerge is an online platform that allows you to easily collect data, populate a document and send it to any contact automatically.

Ninja Forms Twilio SMS 3.0.1

Ninja Forms Twilio SMS | The Cyan Design

Integrate Twilio SMS account with Ninja Forms to send SMS directly from your website based on various events. It allows you to send an SMS whenever a sale is made or whenever there is an update on the order status, etc. It does not have any character limit and longer SMS can be sent into multiple parts. No technical knowledge is needed and you can use the plugin with ease. Please note that you need to purchase SMS credits in your Twilio account to use this extension.

Ninja Forms Slack 3.0.2

Ninja Forms Slack | The Cyan Design

With the help of Ninja Forms Slack extension, you can get Slack notifications with Ninja Forms. You can get any field that’s submitted. You can set the Slack webhook under the Emails and Actions tab when creating/updating a form. It’s that simple.

Ninja Forms Stripe 3.0.19

Ninja Forms Stripe | The Cyan Design

Now you can use stripe payment gateway to accept payments via credit or debit cards in your Ninja Forms. The customer does not have to leave your website in order to make payment, therefore it improves the user experience. Please note that you need to have a stripe account to use this plugin with Ninja Forms. Also, you need to have an SSL certificate on your website to secure the transaction made in your website.

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