OceanWP Woo Popup 1.0.6

Woo Popup | The Cyan Design

OceanWP Woo Popup plugin shows a popup when you click on the Add To Cart button of your products. You can control the width, height, padding and the border radius of the popup screen. You can even show/hide and reorganize the elements of the popup screen and can replace all the texts from the customizer. You also get an option to choose your own color.

OceanWP Footer Callout 1.0.13

Footer Callout | The Cyan Design

Add important information about your company in the footer of your website with ease with the all-new OceanWP Footer Callout premium extension. With this plugin, you can display/hide the callout on any page/post, edit the content and button URL on any page/post, display the page content on the callout, enable/disable the callout button and much more.

OceanWP Sticky Footer 1.0.9

Sticky Footer | The Cyan Design

OceanWP Sticky Footer is a simple extension that sticks your footer at the bottom of your screen. It is fully customizable and allows you to add a menu in the footer bar, add text in the footer bar, choose your own colors and hide Menu and/or text on mobile screens.

OceanWP Sticky Header 1.1.11

Sticky Header | The Cyan Design

Sticky Header from OceanWP is a simple extension that simply does what it says but with style. It can stick your header to the top of the screen with animations, which look stylish and eye-candy. You can even customize the sticky header by adding a logo, changing colors or backgrounds, changing the height, etc. It also comes with two inbuilt header styles and animation effects.

OceanWP Portfolio 1.1.5

Portfolio | The Cyan Design

Display your portfolio and work in a beautiful style with OceanWP Portfolio premium extension. You can display your portfolio anywhere you want via a page template or a shortcode and show/hide the filter bar. You will get a complete control over the portfolio items styling like the margin, padding, color, overlay color, typography, etc. It has an option to show items by author, categories or tags, sort by order and exclude categories. Overall it is a great plugin to showcase your portfolio.

OceanWP White Label 1.0.5

White Label | The Cyan Design

Now you can replace OceanWP name with your own branding with the help of OceanWP White Label premium extension. It allows you to add your own branding name in the admin pages, add your own theme name, add your own theme author, add your own theme author URL, add your own theme description, add your own theme screenshot and remove the White Label box in Theme Panel.

OceanWP Side Panel 1.0.11

Side Panel | The Cyan Design

Add a responsive sidebar in your website with OceanWP Side Panel extension. You can place your favorite widgets in the sidebar. You can even add your own color to the sidebar along with an option to Show/Hide the close button of the panel. The sidebar is fully customizable and can be changed according to your need. It is one of the most versatile and customizable sidebar plugin that is available for Wordpress.

OceanWP Instagram 1.0.3

OceanWP Instagram | The Cyan Design

OceanWP’s Instagram extension allows you to show your Instagram feeds in a beautiful way. It comes with many customization options like you can display your Instagram photos, choose the number of columns, show/hide the likes & comments, show/hide the captions, display your username, follow, posts, biography, etc. It is a complete plugin to display your Instagram feeds.

OceanWP Ocean Hooks 1.1.2

Ocean Hooks | The Cyan Design

Now you can add custom content throughout various areas of OceanWP without using a child theme with the help of Ocean Hooks extension. With the help of this plugin, you can add code, add shortcode, add PHP code, display your code on the page/post/taxonomy you want or even display your code on the user role you want.

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