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Thousands of Premium WordPress Plugins, WP Themes, & WooCommerce Add-ons?

If you’re tired of paying hundreds of dollars for premium themes/plugins and are looking for 100% original, unmodified, and cheap WordPress plugins then you’ve come to the right place.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose us?

The Cyan Design is a leader in WordPress development.  We have been a leading WordPress developer for 10 years and tend one of the largest customer bases of any company in the market. Our designs are beautiful, functional and affordable. With thousands of themes, plugins, and extensions available for one low price, you are getting access to one of the largest collections of premium  available for half the price that our competitors pay for a single theme or plugin!

Can I use the downloads on multiple websites?

Yes, you are free to use our themes and plugins on as many websites as you like. We do not place any restrictions on how many times you can use a plugin or theme, nor do we limit the number of domains that you can install our plugins or themes to.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

If you cancel your subscription, then your account will remain active for the remainder of your term. After that, you will lose access to the members area and any new downloads, updates, and tech support. You may continue using the products that you have already downloaded.

Do I have to purchase a membership?

Nope. You can purchase themes, plugins, or add-ons separately.  However, we think you will find that $19 is an incredible deal, even if you only intend to use a single download from our collection. $19 is less than the price you would pay for a single theme at many other theme shops, and here you get access to a lot more!