WooCommerce Themes

It’s hard to beat WordPress and WooCommerce when it comes to creating an online shop. Both options are easy to use and they offer impressive levels of functionality. As a result, there’s a growing number of WooCommerce themes that have been created specifically for building ecommerce stores on WordPress.

If you’re creating an online store or want to give your existing shop a makeover, this collection of the best WooCommerce Themes for WordPress will help you find the right design for your project. Among the options, you’ll find designs for a whole range of stores and products. There are themes built for specific purposes as well as good all-rounders that can be used in a number of different ways.

Most of these themes include some kind of page builder tool, giving you the option of customizing the demo content through a drag-and-drop interface. At the very least, you’ll have access to a control panel that makes it easy to change the colors, fonts, and other appearance-related settings of your site.

With WordPress and WooCommerce taking care of the functionality and these themes handling the design, there’s nothing stopping you from creating a stylish and successful online shop.

#1: Porto

Porto is a multi-purpose WooCommerce Theme that is fully compatible with WordPress.

One of the benefits of choosing a multi-purpose theme like Porto for your WooCommerce store is the large number of features and website templates you get access to. Porto really can be used to create almost any type of website without much modification work.  When you choose this theme for your WooCommerce store you’ll be able to select from a collection of 19 different online shop demos as well as nearly as many non-ecommerce website options. This theme comes complete with store designs that cover furniture, fashion, watches, and gadgets to name just a few.

However, if there isn’t a pre-built store demo that matches your needs, don’t worry. Porto is a highly customizable theme that makes it very easy to tweak, adjust, and transform the demo content. Simply open up any of the demo pages and then start editing them through the intuitive WPBakery Page Builder interface to create a custom WooCommerce store with Porto. You can also modify other important parts of your website, like the navigation area, by using the included drag-and-drop header builder, or changing display settings such as the font and color controls in the theme options control panel.

Porto isn’t short on ecommerce related features either. With the ability to add easy product filtering, product wish lists, lightbox product image galleries, and more to your online shop, you’re sure to be able to create a store that’s appealing to your customers. Everything about Porto is fully mobile responsive to ensure that your potential customers can make purchases, no matter what type of device or screen size they’re using to access your products.

Porto provides you with a wealth of features and pre-built content to simplify the process of launching a custom ecommerce store with WordPress and WooCommerce.

#2: Nitro

Nitro is a true multi-purpose WooCommerce WordPress theme that has demos covering many different types of products. Thanks to the 20+ ecommerce store demos, you can quickly launch your online shop with a design that’s right for your products and audience. Whether you want to sell physical products or digital downloads from your WordPress website, Nitro has more than a few demos to choose from. Other ecommerce capabilities your store could make use of if you choose Nitro include a live search feature, a quick view mode, out of stock alerts, sales countdowns, and social sharing features.
For every other ecommerce theme that we have known so far, none has actually promised a website loading time of as low as 3 seconds. Nitro claims to offer that, and we have had it proven at our end.  A quickly loading e-commerce website is indispensable in anchoring visitors and motivating them to enter deeper into the website. A slouchy website turns off 40% of your potential buyers and drives them on to your competitor’s website.


#3: Flatsome

Flatsome is a multi-purpose ecommerce template and it’s one of the best-selling WooCommerce WordPress themes available today.

When creating your online shop with WordPress and Flatsome, you get 15 ecommerce stores demos to choose from. Not only that, but there’s also a handful of high-quality business website demos. These business demos can be used to create a corporate, freelancer, and agency websites that can also list products for sale alongside the regular content, using the ecommerce functionality of the Flatsome theme.

When it comes to the ecommerce demos though, Flatsome has pre-built designs for a range of online shops. Whether you’re building a website to sell casual clothing, smart outfits, or sports gear, this flexible theme could be a good match for your project. Whichever demo you do decide on, you can easily import the pre-built content into your WordPress website in just a few clicks.

When you’re setting up your website, you can choose from a varied selection of page layouts regardless of which demo website you’ve picked. You can also use the live page builder tool to customize the designs or build your own. Making site-wide changes like switching the color scheme, adjusting the fonts, or customizing the header and footer areas can all be carried out through a front-end user interface.

Other useful features of Flatsome include a slideshow builder, a live search feature to help your customers find more of your products, a drag-and-drop image grid builder, and smart lazy loading for a faster website. If you want to get some inspiration for your ecommerce website, the Flatsome theme package has examples of real world sites that have been built with this theme.

Flatsome is a feature packed theme that’s only gotten better and more popular since its initial release.